Carillon, Gold Coast

“Before my coaching with Linette Hagen I felt STUCK, confused and unsure of my way forward. Over six months Linette’s light, gentle and caring approach challenged me, kept me grounded and allowed me to focus on my flow of life. I especially loved the way Linette supported and encouraged me to find clarity and confidence through a very challenging and lonely time.

I always looked forward to and found our sessions tremendously helpful with guidance and decision making. I felt HEARD, SUPPORTED AND UNDERSTOOD. Linette is an exceptional, enthusiastic coach whom I have been truly blessed to have. Thank you Linette.”


D.R. Gold Coast

During a difficult time at work with a lot of tension, conflict and stress I went to Linette for coaching support.  I found her manner to be positive, non-judgemental and able to have me see my situation from a clearer perspective. Through coaching and the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming I became confident in dealing with my situation and was able to resolve the conflict. This has left me empowered and confident of being pro-active in my work situation. I would recommend Linette Hagen to anyone who wants to improve their life and lifestyle.


Jayne Bestt

I have known Linette for approx 3 years. I met Linette through the gym that I work at and I have to say she is an absolute pleasure to know. I have experienced a rather difficult time in my life and I confided in Linette in how to manage my situation. Not only had she had a similar life experience, but she is always up- beat and positive. Just the sort of person you need to surround yourself with when adversity grips you. She managed to help me cope day to day with little pieces of excellent advice and many different strategies to help me move on and remain strong. I am a devout fan of Linette’s and would highly recommend her to anyone requiring life coaching or assistance in their day to day lives. Thank you lovely Linette xox


Katherine Haigh (Aged 38) Brisbane QLD Australia

When I decided to start ‘this coaching thing’, I was at the point in my life where I knew some changes had to be made.  I was so unhappy with myself. I had basically cut myself off from pretty much all social interactions. Being around people intimidated me. I had no backbone and I was my extended family’s doormat. I had few friends, no job, no options, no opportunities and only a smidge of hope – that maybe…just maybe ‘this coaching thing’ would help me become a ‘new’ person, and then I would be happy with myself and get on with life.

What coaching with Linette helped me do, was find myself under all the crap, barriers, excuses, masks and fears that was piled on top. I was so loaded down with emotional crap, hurts, issues that I was barely able to function on a day to day basis.

Working with Linette has enabled me to open doors to opportunities that I never thought would be possible.  Going from no opportunities, to being able to write for famous international internet marketers, being able to choose the work opportunities I want, rather than taking whatever was available.

Not only did my working opportunities improve a hundred fold, my personal life improved a thousand fold.  I was able to stop being the doormat, and able to weed the leeches and people who just take, take, take out of my life.  I was able to work out MY values for MY life, set them in place and keep them by setting boundaries with family and friends. With Linette I worked through the barriers, the excuses, my issues and faced my fears in a way that was safe and empowering.

I now have a backbone, and an inner strength I wasn’t even aware of and I’m proud of myself. I have strength and wisdom to make great choices, and was able to put the past rest so that it no longer effects how I live today.  Linette didn’t do the work for me, but she was so integral in helping me find my path and do it myself.  Trying to accomplish these successes without Linette would’ve been a very long complicated and unproductive way to do it.

If you want to improve any area of your life I would whole-heartedly recommend Linette’s coaching.  She is a diamond, and completely brilliant at what she does, she helps you shine and find the best you have within and the best life has to offer.  I will be forever grateful for our time together coaching – ‘this coaching thing’ was the best decision I ever made.

Thanks Linette – you are totally awesome K