Anthony Addati – Two Uni degrees when told he would struggle to get one!

quote it always seem impossible until its doneAnthony Addati is a quietly spoken young man who dreamed of getting a degree in Digital Design at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. He completed his secondary education in 2005 and his results were high enough to be accepted into the degree course. Anthony went and saw a disabilities service officer at Griffith University on the Gold Coast regarding what help and assistance he would be entitled to as he has Muscular Dystrophy. He was told that the course would be too physically demanding and was told to consider doing a Multimedia Degree part-time.


Anthony stated that he could do full time study as he had completed high school full time and his mother Anna would be his carer in the classes.

In the end Anthony did the Multimedia Degree full time, which took three years and on completion he went straight into the degree he originally wanted to do in Digital Design! Due to gaining some credits it took him 2 1/2 years. His mum Anna was by his side to ensure that Anthony did not miss out on anything. (I really think mum should have an honorary degree – after all she too attended all the lectures!!!).

An interesting point was that it was stated that there was concern how Anthony would do the Fine Art section in the Digital Design as it required using a pencil and easel. Through negotiation and thinking “outside the square” Anthony was able to complete this section using a tablet.

Anna supported Anthony all through university by getting him to all his classes, taking notes and scribing for him and making sure he had his lunch. Any other help Anthony needed, Anna made sure it was done. Anthony acknowledges what a fabulous mum he has and I couldn’t agree with him more! In fact the whole family is supportive of each other and this is a wonderful thing to see.

Griffith University on the Gold Coast was fully accessible to Anthony who uses an electric wheelchair.

Since finishing his two degrees Anthony has made a portfolio website

which is a compilation of the work he did at university – his assignments and projects. He also has videos on You Tube displaying his abilities and skills. Through his website and You Tube videos, prospective clients are able to see the skills and talents that Anthony has and the type of work he can produce for them.

Anthony works from home as he has the computer and relevant software that is needed. He recently did a job for one of his dad’s previous customers who was making a video game and wanted Anthony to help out in a certain part. Through phone calls and emails Anthony and his client were able to discuss and fine tune what was required and Anthony was able to give his client exactly what he wanted.

Anthony is very interested in 3D modelling, animation and visual effects. He enjoys making visual effects for video games such as what you would find on You Tube. He also does some graphic design, such as logos and website design. Though not a website programmer, Anthony has friends with talents in that field and he is discussing working with them so that together they can produce a website with both programming and design included.

During his time at university Anthony did work experience in the area of educational video games. For this he spent three months going to the Mt. Gravatt campus of Griffith University. Travelling was a challenge as Anthony and his mum Anna caught a train to Brisbane and then a wheelchair accessible taxi to the campus. After a while they discovered that there was a bus that went between the train station and campus and this then saved lots in taxi fares! Though the three months was a wonderful experience it was also exhausting with the early morning starts and late nights. However as Anna stated “We managed and to prove everybody wrong, you can’t judge a book by its cover as Anthony’s actually made it!”

In his spare time Anthony will still be on the computer playing games with friends, talking to them or checking out all the other things he can do with technology.  He loves technology and finds it very entertaining.

Anthony recently watched a reality show from America on how to make comics. This has inspired him and he is now working on making his own comic. At this stage he is gathering ideas and working out how to put it together. Anthony went to Melbourne as the comic artists from Penny Arcade were there and Anthony got to meet them. Pretty exciting as he has been reading there comics for the last 7 years!

Anthony and his mum Anna have shown everyone that if you want to achieve your dream it is possible. There will be hard work and struggles but through perseverance and belief in yourself, you will get there!